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the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents

goods carried by a large vehicle

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During the flight, the balloon reached an altitude of 94,000 feet and covered approximately 50 miles from the ascent location to the payload landing site.
The RF Payload Center of Excellence will reinvent the process of payload development through advanced technology research and streamlined manufacturing.
Boeing has been hosting payloads on commercial satellites since the 1990s, and our selection for this study will enable us to progress beyond communications payloads to scientific payloads as well, said Dan Hart, vice president of Boeing Government Space Systems.
This report not only identifies the key challenges for each stakeholder group involved in hosted payload programs but also highlight lessons learned and best practices to manage and mitigate these challenges.
8220;In a separate activity, HoodTech Vision has also demonstrated two-payload operations from a small UAS where a center-of-gravity (CG) payload was mounted, in addition to a standard, nose-mounted payload.
Prior to Payload, our eRelease clients created their own upload files to place orders using multiple reports or manual entry of MSP data.
The teams initially flew June 8 with a moderate payload to first see how their aircraft would perform in the Antelope Valley's altitude and harsh weather conditions - blowing sand and winds gusting to 35 mph.
The two scientists finally used another part of the viral payload, an easily detectable genetic tag, to identify and sequence the cells' mutated genes.
Hosted Payloads: the View From Within assesses government payloads on commercial spacecraft.
RF payload components are important for all space missions.
The contract is designed to create a pool of qualified vendors to meet the government%s needs for various hosted payload missions.
com)-- The UAV Payload and Subsystems market is forecast by Visiongain to record strong growth over the next decade, as the inherent cost and deployment advantages associated with UAVs continue to run in parallel with the development of payloads that are increasingly efficient, advanced and offer maximum mission value.