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That equates to PS624 a year - meaning paying back the pension credit alone would take 103 years.
North Wales businesses as a whole were also more likely than average to have at least begun paying back their loans with only 57% listed as outstanding.
Chairperson Prime Minister Youth Programme Maryam Nawaz Sharif expressed her deep satisfaction over the paying back of loans in easy instalments by the young beneficiaries of the Scheme.
To me the program is a win-win, because instead of paying back a financial institution, or the government, students are paying back interest-free into a fond that will help other students.
According to the website, the five New Hampshire banks borrowing and paying back federal money were:
THE BBC claim some graduates could end up paying back double their original student loans under the new fees system.
Later the sentencing guidelines were changed to make it a sentence in its own right with the aim of paying back the community for offences committed by the offenders -hence the title Community Pay-Back teams.
DAVID CAMERON had previously said before the appeals process was announced that Tory MPs not paying back money recommended by Sir Thomas could face being barred from the party.
West Midlands Chief Probation Officer Mike Maiden said: "The public like to see how offenders are paying back to the community for their crimes.
He and his wife were jailed for three years in January 2008 and for not paying back nearly pounds 300,000, he was given an extra three years.
This means that it has also put back the timetable for paying back cash owed to the Government.