paying attention

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Synonyms for paying attention

paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people)

taking heed

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Paying attention brings care, care brings love; love engenders protection," says Surdut.
They are paying attention to that city's high school students and others facing off against police in riot gear and to the report that 19 buildings and 144 vehicles were set on fire, and 202 people were arrested.
Work your way up through your body to the top of your head, just paying attention to each body part, noticing how each is feeling, without trying to change anything.
But when we're paying attention to what's going around us - rather than inside of us - we have a better shot at remembering whatever's going on.
Speaking on the occasion provincial agriculture minister Ikramullah Khan Gandapur said the provincial government is paying attention to agriculture sector, adding that all available resources are being utilized to bring agricultural revolution in KP.
He said that Inqilab March had enhanced thinking of the people for paying attention to securing their rights and struggling for the same.
If the content is engaging, we are all paying attention, so our brains react in the same way.
They are what visitor attention is, what visitors pay attention to while viewing exhibitions, why visitors pay attention, how the processes or mechanisms of attention work, and what factors interfere with paying attention to exhibits.
She stressed the importance of paying attention to the environmental issues and environmental education, saying that the Gulf Cooperation Council states are seeking to start so by the child.
It is especially relevant to kids (and their parents) who have trouble focusing, or paying attention.
Washington, Sept 4 (ANI): Katie Holmes has now learned to listen carefully after inadvertently agreeing to go rock climbing during a meeting as she hadn't been paying attention to what was being said.
Ras Al Khaimah: An Omani national diedAaWednesday under the wheels of a heavy vehicle on Al Fillayah Street when he crossed the street without paying attention.
But this wasn't a school assembly where you get the odd one or two larking about without paying attention.
You shouldn't be paying attention on trying to move the goths, you should be paying attention to the people who go around raping people, breaking into shops, mugging people, all that stuff.
Paying attention to these signs can alert a processor to shut a mold down before the manifold is totally encapsulated.