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yielding a fair profit


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for which money is paid

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And yet, on the other hand, if they were going to make the venture, the sooner they did it the better, for were they not paying rent all the time, and living in a most horrible way besides?
And when they gave up the house plan and decided to rent, the prospect of paying out nine dollars a month forever they found just as hard to face.
For this issue, we asked our readers whether they think paying for media coverage is unethical, and whether the culture of a particular country factors into their opinion.
The most prudent choices are investing, putting money in college savings or retirement accounts or paying off debts.
Nowadays, every mid- to large-size business and government agency has encountered the problem of paying out damage awards or settlements to third parties as a result of claimed contract violations, torts and other actions, as well as amounts paid to employees for alleged labor law, civil rights and other violations.
I found myself dumfounded that we had to be paying people for doing what they should be doing," says San Francisco health care consultant Lucy Johns of her initial reaction to pay-for-performance programs for doctors.
During the months a patient is in the "donut hole," she may have to pay many times the amount of money she'll be paying during other months.
A market theory of executive performance measurement would suggest that given the amount of data available, processing power, our understanding of human behavior and the firm, and technology, the market will only get better at valuing CEOs and paying them accordingly as time progresses.
Add up the minimum payment due on each account and commit to paying at least the minimum on each debt per month.
As Gayla Hudson, a former National Education Association official, once put it, "Until you start paying teachers at the level that other professions receive, recruiting will be a problem.
Don't forget the military's free life insurance (now paying $100,000) and the very generous non-contributory retirement plan.
You might be paying more money for that call, but it's worth it for the convenience.
Owner advocates, however, wonder why a tenant with the same income but paying a lower rent should be protected, effectively allowing them to increase their earnings at the expense of the property owner and all tax-paying New Yorkers.
Such abuse runs in both directions: Many plaintiffs with shoddy claims get paid off, while many defendants who are liable as charged get off with paying less than full freight by threatening to inflict the cost of trial.
One approach to paying employees that both reduces fixed payroll expenses and creates a more direct link between pay and performance.