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a person who pays money for something

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HSP offers a modern Core Administration Processing System solution, which is a key connector of administrative functions for healthcare funding entities, including commercial payers, managed care organisations, state Medicaid agencies and Medicare Advantage payers.
While private insurers have rejected the increase, public payers and hospitals have welcomed the proposal.
But public support for single payer in California is high.
Being an in-network provider for a smaller payer does not always increase patient volume enough to balance the trade offs involved.
In 2015, the BPO services segment is expected to account for the largest share of the global healthcare payer services (outsourcing) market, by service type, while the claims management services segment is expected to account for the largest share of the healthcare payer services (outsourcing) market, by application.
* The payer's obligation to make payments must be relieved upon the recipient's death;
TIGTA officials look at how the IRS handles withholding tax enforcement when payroll services, professional employer organizations (PEOs) and other types of outside payers are involved.
One of Prospect Genius's main tactics on Tax Payer Resolve's behalf is a process known as search engine optimization, or SEO.
In other words, a contract between the worker and payer may assist in providing support to CRA or a court of a certain intention.
To better understand how the ACA and Medicaid expansion might affect an academic hospitalist practice located in Colorado, which expanded Medicaid in January 2014, we evaluated if payer mix and physician reimbursement by encounter changed between 2013 and 2014.
* Understand current HCV treatment guidelines and know the critical role they play in healthcare payer decisions
We have adopted the above strategies and have realized a scenario where overhead expenses are certainly reduced with automation, but this alone does not offset the overall impact of CMS and private payer per exam reimbursement reduction.
The proposed rules are intended to assist taxpayers and the IRS in determining the parties' employment tax obligations in a three-party arrangement in which a payer has represented to the employer that it will pay the employment taxes for wages or compensation it pays to employees for services the employees performed for the employer.
"When working with payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies, we've noted that the one with the most information that could typically help support population health and allow the sharing of information to begin to occur, is not the provider--it's the payer," says John Edwards, director of healthcare strategy and healthcare business intelligence practice at PwC and one of the report's authors, in an interview with Healthcare Informatics.
Prior to concluding a transaction, the tax payer files a petition with the fiscal authorities in order to be awarded an AIFS.