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a person who pays money for something

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CMS and Vermont aim for broad ACO participation throughout the state -- across all the significant payers and the majority of the care delivery system -- to make redesigning the entire care delivery system a rational business strategy for Vermont payers and providers, and to deliver meaningful improvements in the health of and health care for Vermonters.
Payers must still report on substitute statements substantially the same information as required on the official form, both to the Service and payees, retroactive to the beginning of 2006 and by the same due dates as required for the official form.
If more than 50 percent of the members accept those provisions, NTSP will then proceed to negotiate the payer contract.
No, says Young, the movers and shakers behind the Clinton health care plan meant only that single payer was politically not feasible because too many special interests were lining up against it.
Do you support the provider => payer 1 => payer 2 => provider model?
Frequently, the non-resident is unaware of either the withholding tax or the waiver process until the Canadian payer draws attention to it.
Third, the case manager should determine how the payer wants to receive information regarding the case.
This is hardly a lost cause: The Paul Wellstone-Jim McDermott bill has 92 co-sponsors in the House and five in the Senate, more than Jim Cooper's alternative, and California has put single payer on its November ballot.
The account manager must walk into the payer meeting with a story," said Michelle Vitko, research analyst at Cutting Edge Information.
Payment cards: A "payment card" transaction is one in which a cardholder payer uses a payment card (as defined in Notice 2003-12, Section 4.
Such an analysis lets you know how much of your A/R is attributable to each payer.
For now, however, a payer contracting with "facility A," so long as it provides sufficient beds, is unlikely to need the services of "facility B.
5011 - which range from limiting a payer's liability for worker misclassification (especially where all required information returns have been filed) to initiating a public information campaign concerning payer and payee obligations.
The only tasks that surveyed managed market executives ranked more difficult were meeting payer demands and incorporating health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) data in health technology assessments (HTAs), which received an average rating of 8.