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a person to whom money is paid

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Failure of a payee to encash a check for more than ten years undoubtedly resulted in the check becoming stale.
Confirmation of payee works by making sure the name of the account someone is sending money to matches the name they have entered.
The PSR had previously suggested the possibility of giving a general direction to banks and payment service providers to implement confirmation of payee by July 1, 2019 - but it revised its proposals following feedback which included concerns over difficulties meeting proposed deadlines.
The payee will now receive money two days after the cheque is presented in the ACH.
Social Security appoints a representative payee to manage Social Security and SSI funds only.
Considerations of "equality and fairness" mean that the payer and payee should not be subject to the "radical different treatment" or "one-way street" that the authorities had created.
It is important to remember that, in theory, the alternate payee's funds could remain in a separate account inside the plan for which the QDRO was written.
This allows BNY Mellon's Treasury Services clients to make payments electronically to almost any payee with a bank account in the U.S., typically within minutes if the recipient is enrolled with Zelle, or next day.
Whether or not you have a DPOA in place, your loved one may apply to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for Representative Payee status.
Under the new rules, alimony is no longer deductible for the payor, and money received as alimony is no longer taxable income for the payee (having already been taxed as the payor's income).
NI Act is considered as one of the plain Acts in Bangladesh which is generally expected to secure and recover the amount of bank-check that was already given by the maker (who gives the check or accused) to the payee (to whom the check is issued or claimant) but was refused as a result of insufficient fund in the account when the check was placed in the bank.
A withholding agent must withhold on payments to foreign persons unless the withholding agent can "associate the payment with documentation upon which it can rely to treat the payment as made to a payee that is a U.S.
Among the pensioners who will receive up to P3,000 additional pension on Friday were those under the Special Pension System which includes death claim with more than one payee and one of them is overpaid; payees with withheld share; and those covered by a Bilateral Social Security Agreement between the Philippines and other countries and the Portability Law.
The SSA now has about 6 million representative payees collecting benefits on behalf of about 8 million beneficiaries, and it has only limited ability to police the program, Gale Stallworth Stone testified at a recent hearing on the payee program in Washington.
La journee du mercredi 10 Moharram 1438 de l'Hegire, correspondant au 12 octobre 2016, sera chomee et payee pour l'ensemble des personnels des institutions et administrations publiques, y compris les personnes payees a l'heure ou a la journee, a indique hier un communique de la Direction generale de la Fonction publique.