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a person to whom money is paid

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With Tokenized Payments, clients can choose from multiple input channels to instruct BNY Mellon to make a payment that includes the payee's email address or mobile number and payment details without needing to collect, store, and maintain payee banking account information.
The ability to set-up a new payee in a couple of taps, is a feature we think will make our customers' lives even easier and means they'll be able to make a payment almost immediately.
Essentially, the current (2017 and prior) rules allow divorced couples to shift taxable income from the payor to the payee.
In our country, in most of the cases, the fact is - the maker deliberately gives a bank-check (which doesn't have the check-amount) to deceive the payee and after starting the case, the maker contracts an advocate only to delay the trial procedure through the repeated time-petitions on several wired or weak grounds by his lawyer.
currently, Ccs Is Paying For 21 Clients For The Rep Payee Services.
Stone, the acting inspector general for the SSA, told members of the House Ways & Means Social Security and oversight subcommittees that the SSA conducted just 2,590 face-to-face payee interviews during the 12-month period that ended Sept.
A cash payment to a third party at the request of the payee spouse can qualify as alimony or a maintenance payment under certain circumstances.
Stairway was named as a loss payee and there was a contract between Steinway, Eidos, and Ironshore assigning the right to make claim under the policy to Steinway.
The solution then validates form data including SSN and EIN numbers against the IRS database, collects the chosen tax form and other ID information digitally, calculates payee withholding requirements based on the income types of payments made, and then generates a summary of withholding instructions for the payer.
Confrontations over payeeship can be a safety risk for family or staff who have been acting as the payee.
credit cards), and (2) payments in settlement of third-party network transactions if (a) gross payments to a participating payee exceed $20,000, and (b) there are more than 200 transactions with the participating payee.
The petition is for Certiorari and Prohibition with application for temporary restraining order or writ of preliminary injunction to bar the Finance The petition seeks to declare unconstitutional Revenue Regulation 01-14, Revenue Menorandum Circular 05-14, and SEC Memorandum Circular 10-14 which prohibit the reference to PCD Nominee as the payee of dividend payments made by listed companies.
A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) allows an employee's retirement plan to pay benefits to an ex-spouse named as alternate payee.
Describes what is payable to the alternate payee and the number of payments or period to which it applies;
Premature distributions from qualified retirement plans are exempt from the 10 percent penalty tax if the distribution is used to make a payment to an alternate payee (defined to include a spouse, former spouse, or child of the taxpayer) pursuant to a QDRO.