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Synonyms for payback

financial return or reward (especially returns equal to the initial investment)

the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life

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Potential cost and environmental payback. In addition to the benefits of completing environmental objectives and pollution prevention, cost reductions and paybacks can be potentially received.
"I'm going to sue these guys," said owner of C and H Auto Center Mario Dorantes, who was recently targeted by Alibis and Paybacks.
In the New York area, lighting upgrades generally have a payback period of less than one year.
An expensive remodel won't deliver a high payback if it makes your home the most expensive one on the block.
Tuesday meetings were also held for the companies of "Chicago," "Kiss Me, Kate," "Rent" and "The Full Monty." Paybacks were discussed but not promised.
Now the military-industrial complex, is awaiting its payback in the form of Pentagon increases and Star Wars.
Chemicals group Burmah Castrol yesterday joined the growing list of companies making multi-million pound paybacks to shareholders by announcing its own pounds 280 million handout.
Saving energy can be accomplished through proper maintenance and rehabilitation of existing facilities, including periodic replacement and upgrading of inefficient hardware and equipment, which can result in both energy savings and utility company paybacks.
The deal provided that Shearson Lehman would rent the land with an option to purchase based on set figures and calculated to provide the city with paybacks for any abated taxes not yet received if purchased within the deferral or payback periods.