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Synonyms for payback

financial return or reward (especially returns equal to the initial investment)

the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life

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Magistrates can sentence an offender to between 40 and 300 hours of Payback for low-level offences including minor driving misdemeanours, shoplifting and common assault.
Martin Davies, chief executive of West Yorkshire CRC, said: "Community payback provides a tough, effective and visible punishment requiring people to undertake challenging work while giving something back to communities where they live.
New Delhi [India], Jan 18 ( ANI ): Multi-brand loyalty program Payback on Thursday announced its strategic partnership with online travel company, Ezeego1.
As an alternative to a custodial sentence and replacing community service, probation and supervised attendance orders, those on community payback have been supporting improvements in the town centre, working alongside the council's town centre ambassador, Lorraine Wilson.
com/ea-play-e3-2017-need-speed-star-wars-battlefront-2-be-featured-2514173) Need For Speed Payback To Feature During EA Play Starting June 10
Digital dialogue is one of the most important communication channels for PAYBACK with its 28 million users.
As a market leader in bonus programs, with the biggest couponing and multi-channel marketing platform in the world, PAYBACK provides loyalty schemes to some of the largest brands globally, offering their members opportunities to collect points and be rewarded.
As numerous articles In BUILDINGS have pointed out, simple payback Is only one method and a narrow one at that--to evaluate the value of energy improvements.
Community Payback (formerly known as community service) is run by Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company.
in with the PAYBACK number provided to them by Emerson.
Working with our partners in Northumbria Probation Trust, we arranged to have this work carried out by offenders as part of their community payback.
IN reply to Ted Thompson's letter of April 27 about highway litter and community service: Community Payback (formerly called community service) has been running in England and Wales for over 40 years.
FOR villains it's the ultimate payback for their crimes - serving the communities in full view of everyone.
I'VE GOT a great way to kick off your Sunday - by giving away FIVE DVD and Blu-ray copies of Adam Deacon's brilliant football film Payback Season.
For each capital investment valued at more than $10,000, The Dotson Co, performs a detailed justification and payback analysis.