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money that you currently expect to pay on notes and accounts

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PRESIDENT Duterte has ordered that all accounts payable which remain outstanding for two years or more in the books of national government agencies be reverted to the Accumulated Surplus or Deficit of the General Fund or the Cumulative Result of Operations of the National Government.
FLEETCOR said the addition of Nvoicepay to the FLEETCOR Corporate Payments portfolio enables the company to manage full disbursement of accounts payables for businesses.
A technique commonly referred to as reverse factoring was a key contributor to Carillion's liquidation as it allowed the outsourcer to show an estimated GBP400 million to GBP500 million of debt to financial institutions as 'other payables' compared to reported net debt of GBP219 million.
The finance ministry's report put the payables to oil and gas sector at Rs103bn, including Rs89.4bn to Pakistan State Oil (PSO).
When there is a longer-than-usual time interval between recording payables and cutting the checks--a common circumstance with financially troubled entities or during periods of economic stress--an auditor should consider merging the populations from the post-balance sheet payables journal (or whatever it is called) and the disbursements journal and eliminate duplicates before sampling (IDEA or Excel software should be able to do this easily).
McLean, VA, May 05, 2012 --( Corcentric, a leading provider of Accounts Payable automation solutions, today announced they will be sponsoring “AP Outlook: The Top 5 Changes Coming to Accounts Payable,” a no-cost Lunch & Learn event on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 in New York City.
The official further said that PSO has to pay 173 billion rupees to local and international refineries out of which PSO payables to Pak-Arab oil refinery limited (PARCO) have been reached to 28 billion rupees, Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) 14 billion rupees, National Refinery Limited (NRL) 9 billion rupees and payables to Attock oil refinery (ARL) have been increased to 27 billion rupees.
"For Boston Properties, a key initiative this year is the automation of our procurement and payables processes.
According to the Federal Reserve System, roughly $6 trillion is due at any one point in time in outstanding payables from buyer to supplier.
According to ADP, its Automated Accounts Payable solution allows companies to streamline their payables processes from invoice capture, routing, approval and matching, to electronic payment execution.
Telecommunications, freight, payables, research and development tax credits, and sales tax reviews are just a few of the areas where you can pay only based on the savings you realize.
A Trade Payables program is an easily assimilated, inexpensive and customizable solution that augments, but does not replace, existing accounts receivables programs.
In the analogous corporate situation, nonrecognition treatment for a contribution of zero-basis receivables may be conditioned on a business purpose for the transaction (such as a change in the form of conducting a business), a requirement that payables be transferred along with the receivables and no other evidence of tax avoidance (such as an accumulation of receivables or prepayment of payables).
Tax Verification-Traditional Invoice: This involves all payables transactions.
"You want to collect your receivables and turn your inventories as fast as possible and pay your payables as slowly as possible without incurring any penalties."