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a coin-operated telephone

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The network will be built at thousands of pay-phones placed on highly attractive spots all over Sweden, according to the company.
A sixth of all 6000 public pay-phones in Scotland are set to be closed due to massive growth of mobiles.
BT says it is losing hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on pay-phones.
"The nearest pay-phone is five miles away at Rookhope."
``Our customers' communications needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and we believe that there is a substantial demand for internet and e-mail as well as the tra-ditional pay-phone service form public kiosks,'' said director of payPhones Paul Hendron.
The girls aged 13 and 11 were at the Pingles Leisure Centre on Saturday and discovered the pay-phone was broken.
The company claims "It's good to talk" but Malvern Hills District Council which wants a pay-phone moved to make way for the sculpture on a pavement in Malvern Link says it has been asked to send information through a facsimile machine.
Russian national operator Rostelecom has taken up work to upgrade pay-phones in North Ossetia republic.
BT is planning to rip out 281 pay-phones in Wales where there is another one located within 400 metres.
BT Landline calls cost 60p/min (95c/min R.o.I.) Calls from mobiles / pay-phones / other operators may vary.