pay up

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cancel or discharge a debt

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At first glance Pay Up does not appear to adhere to any traditional understanding of tragedy.
In its concluding moments, Pay Up applies this sense of irrevocable loss to the passing instants and minor decisions of the spectators real life, eulogizing freedom's inseparability from fate.
But, like the Laffer curve, there's a line somewhere where it would be of value to have more orders in-house even if only 60 percent were going to pay up.
He estimated at the time that Amazon pays the Postal Service $2 per package, which is about half what it would pay UPS or FedEx.
Global Banking News-April 14, 2017--Android Pay ups ante against Apple Pay
com, are complaining to the federal government about the fact that neither Montgomery Mall nor any of the stores in Bethesda have to charge sales tax so people can just shop there tax-free--while the e-commerce retailers have to pay UPS and FedEx to deliver their goods to your door.