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Synonyms for payroll

a list of employees and their salaries

the total amount of money paid in wages

the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee

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Cramming a Hofstra University schedule into two days a week, she managed to tackle every aspect of the business, from contract administrator to pay roll manager to project manager.
That would take pounds 2m-a-year off the United pay roll and Kluivert's departure would save a further pounds 3.
The one he settled for was Pay Roll, a six-year-old daughter of Roselier sold by John Hendrick and sent up from the Annshoon Stud.
The company has begun negotiations with US based MsourcE who offer transaction processing, accounting and pay roll services based in Bangalore and Pune.
You might start thinking to yourself, we have all these people on the council tax pay roll but nothing seems to be done.
The Edinburgh club want McSwegan off their pay roll and the Dons have put him top of their wanted list.
The Employment Development Department (EDD) was given 14 referrals for possible non-payment of pay roll taxes.
Bushra said, "The report of EC was prepared by local returning Officers, District Returning Officers and other members who are all working on the pay roll of Chief Minister (CM) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pervez Khattak".
Real want to send German midfielder Ozil out on a season-long loan to get his wages off their pay roll.
The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Spiro Ristovski, said after the meeting of the Economic and Social Council Wednesday that the minimum salary does not include the pay roll costs that should be paid additionally.
Every year the corporation sponsors the studies at home and abroad of a number of young Qatari students who are enrolled on its pay roll on the very first day of their studies.
But when a player so outrageously refuses to turn out while he's still on the pay roll, he has to be sent packing - however much he wants to go in the first place.
27 (ANI): A day after it was revealed that a close aide of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzazi, Mohammed Zia Salehi, is on the pay roll of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a US official has claimed that several members of the Karzai administration are actually being paid by the intelligence agency to maintain a source of information.
We are all about restoring self confidence, providing essential employment skills and getting people off benefits and on the pay roll.
Defender Dave Artell, midfielder Stewart Drummond and striker Michael Twiss are all on the Shrimpers' pay roll these days, and the trio will be determined not to do City any favours, according to Chester boss Mark Wright.