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amount of money received per unit time

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Under the proposed deal, the pay rates for the five-step registered nurse (RN)/ practice nurse/midwife pay scale will range from $25/hr (step 1) to $33.43/hr (step 5).
The company's increased minimum hourly pay rate of USD 15 for US-based team members goes into effect in March 2018.
(NYSE: FCB) has said that it has raised its minimum hourly pay rate for its team members to USD15 per hour, starting January 1, 2018, as part of its ongoing investment in its team members that serve the Florida community.
Pay rates for these temporary festive positions are as follows: | Mon-Sat 06.00-22.00: PS8.10 | Mon-Fri 22.00-06.00: PS9.30 | Sun - 06.00-22.00: PS9.30 | Sat & Sun - 22.00-06.00: PS10.60 Shifts will be allocated on a first come, first served basis at the registration events, so applicants are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.
So your employer can pay a sick pay rate that is less, provided this is not less than the rate of Statutory Sick Pay and/or what your contract says you should be paid for sick pay.
Allegiant and JetBlue pay first year pilots USD131, though JetBlue has a higher pay rate for their top fliers at USD189 compared to Allegiant's USD153.
"Since my colleagues and I returned to Iceland in 2005, we have made great strides in improving staff morale and working conditions, and significantly increasing pay rates. "Iceland has achieved excellent results over the last six years, and key to this has been the outstanding performance of our staff.
The employees argued that they should be paid 150 percent of their pay rate for all overtime hours worked, but PNGI insisted that, because the employees agreed their salaries were meant to cover all hours worked, the "straight time" was covered, and they were owed only an additional 50 percent of their pay rate for each hour of overtime.
Private hospital nurse pay rate increases were generally one year behind increases in the public health sector.
Red-faced Government officials had to increase pay rates for hundreds of its lowest paid workers last year to meet the statutory minimum pay rate of pounds 5.10.
However, longevity--not tenure--was the key factor in determining eligibility, because the early retirement payments were offered to encourage teachers at a high pay rate to retire.
The new rates increase the maximum pay rate for single-language proficiency from $200 to $500 a month.
The pay rate for production work in its Chinese factories is 13 cents per hour (below China's 31-cent minimum wage), and the mandatory 13-to-16-hour workdays are enforced under horrific and extremely dangerous conditions.
He may also be guaranteed a tenured professorship at a pay rate 20 percent higher than the highest paid professor at American.
If we want to bring someone in at a certain pay rate, we can do it."