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wages enclosed in an envelope for distribution to the wage earner

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CELEBRITIES starring in pantomimes are feeling the Grinch this Christmas after seeing lucrative pay packets reduced to cinders.
7% are moderate but needed, given that many workers have seen their pay packets eroded during the recession.
It's when you have a pay packet of zillions and all sorts of excesses at your fingertips that the graphic warnings of the McAvennies or Gascoignes come into their own.
For thousands of workers, these so-called "extra" payments are a normal part of their pay packet but when they are on holiday, they receive only their basic pay packet.
But to his delight, after the ECHO highlighted the Crosby dad-of-two's plight, the pay packet appeared.
Taken together, our pay and jobs crises have shrunk Britain's total annual pay packet by more than PS50bn.
WELSH workers have seen an average 8% slump in their pay packets since the recession, the TUC says today.
MORE than PS1bn has been wiped off North East pay packets since the economy collapsed in 2007, new research shows.
However, Mr Kehoe, who took over as chief executive in 2008, saw his pay packet rise from PS359,000 to PS408,000 after a long-term incentive plan was added and a PS100,000 bonus paid.
In a breakdown of his pay packet, Voser pocketed a E5.
More than pounds 2 million a year is, it seems, perfectly acceptable and the going rate for the 10 lucky people (Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton and Co) who take home such a bumper pay packet.
Missing from the list is Lukas Muhlemann's pay packet.
When it comes to the pay packet we would most like to have access to, Bill Gates's pay cheque wins hands down, according to the HSBC Great Pay Day Survey released today, to coincide with the launch of account transfer facilities from HSBC TV banking.
Till then I had a good pay packet, a company car, a telephone and an annual vacation.
I suspect our children would be better served by a 20 per cent pay rise for everyone who passes the test - and no pay packet at all for the rest.