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expend, as from a fund


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But while hundreds will now receive pay out, it is claimed many more will be left to become a "forgotten nation".
A spokesman said: "Our success is due to the millions of pounds we have invested improving our highways, together with better scrutiny of claims to make sure we only pay out in genuine cases.
"Unless further details are published about the number and reasons behind pay-outs, it is impossible for taxpayers to judge whether or not some cash has been squandered on large individual pay outs," Mr Oxley said.
They aim to iron out big losses by holding back profits in good years to pay out during leaner times.
TESCO workers are sharing a pounds 68m pay out from the company's saving schemes.
Paying pounds 50 a month into a 25-year policy with it will pay out pounds 75,984.
The biggest pay outs were for people who'd been injured in slips, trips and falls - with Denbighshire council handing over more than PS18,000 to one person injured in such a way.
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which treats mental health patients in Kirklees, was implicated in PS438,438 of negligence pay outs.
The top 10 list is full of some of the world's most famous cars, with the top three pay outs covering major engine and gearbox repairs.
One of BP's attempts to curb pay outs for what it says are "fictitious" and "absurd" claims related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill has failed after an appeal was rejected by a U.S.