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wages enclosed in an envelope for distribution to the wage earner

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A pay slip or pay envelope with this information would suffice.
It is said that in Region 5 alone, where Batocabe is from, many teachers make do with only P1,000 remaining in their pay envelopes after loan payment deductions are made.
The deductions on their pay envelopes, aside from the mandatory 20-percent cut of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, go to Social Security System, the insurer for workers employed by private firms.
Similarly, management can convey important reminders, notes of appreciation, and acknowledgment of an employee's accomplishment of a goal in memos placed in employees' pay envelopes.
Every two weeks, he lined up along with them and watched as they opened their slender pay envelopes. Deductions were always made ahead of time for the milk, and the rent, and any other little thing charged at the [company] store, so that when payday finally came, often all that was left were a few nickels--which more often than not dissolved into a few drinks at the local bar.
The company also slips a monthly scratch-and-win ticket with a safety-oriented question into employees' pay envelopes, and the employees then have a chance to win prizes.
"CEOs and CFOs will do anything within their power to deliver what investors want; that is, earnings that are at or above the consensus," says Maloney, who maintains that, for the most part, CEOs played such games to keep the stock price from falling, not primarily "to fatten their own pay envelopes."
The bonds are included in their pay envelopes. Workers are issued a total of $200 worth of bonds in a year, which costs Plath & Co.
So good in fact that all employees of the farmer owned cooperative, from the executive suite to the mailroom, found a $1,000 bonus in their pay envelopes last year.
We no longer have to worry about locking up pay envelopes, or giving unnecessary pay advances because of a lost check.