pay dirt

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ore that yields a substantial profit to the miner

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a profitable success

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I have reached I've hit pay dirt in my political career," Duterte said during the barangay summit on peace and order in Pasay City last Tuesday.
Japanese and other foreign petrochemical makers that do business in Indonesia stand to benefit if Pertamina's efforts reinvigorate the industry.NORTH AFRICAN PAY DIRT One promising Pertamina operation lies a month-long voyage away in Algeria.
"The Marilyn Diaries'' really hits pay dirt when Casillo's "Marilyn" considers the trajectory of her career, ruminates bitterly on her marriage to Arthur Miller and pragmatically recalls her long struggle to the top.
Savers have been quite severely hit as they will now pay DIRT of 41% on interest earned.
She could hit pay dirt immediately When Paddy, Who has noW landed her dream job in the busy neWsroom, and reporter McVie accidentally find a story that turns out to be red hot.
She could hit pay dirt immediately when Paddy, the focus of the first series who has now landed her dream job in the busy newsroom, and reporter McVie accidentally find a story that turns out to be red hot.
Tata Motors hit pay dirt with the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover.
On Tuesday, Anadarko said its 2 Shenandoah exploratory well found a 1,000-foot deep zone of pay dirt. To find the oil, Anadarko drilled to 31,405 feet below the seabed.
THIS IS 40 133min JUDD Apatow hit pay dirt and won critical praise with his 2007 comedy Knocked Up.
High-grade miner Habitan is known in Camarines Norte as a "high-grade" miner who hit pay dirt in small-scale mining, Chief Insp.
Third, robotic miners would land and start harvesting the cosmic pay dirt. The first of the orbiting telescopes--dubbed Arkyd 101--is under construction and should be launched within two years.
One of the many cold-callers who regularly ring in an attempt to prise money from yours truly has hit pay dirt.
The facility will act as the new corporate headquarters, staging area for the pay dirt, and accommodate all the crushing and milling equipment required to extract all metal ore from the dirt.
"Yet whether he and the others hit IPL pay dirt or not, it is time all the words stopped and the runs began to flow in their place," the article concluded.
In a basin named Badwater on the edge of Death Valley National Park, Bazylinski and researcher Christopher LefE vre hit pay dirt.