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the act of reducing a salary


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The head of National Australia Bank (NAB: ASX) has taken a pay cut following adverse findings by the royal commission regarding practices followed by the bank.
He has also spoken several times about being happy to take pay cuts while working for the BBC.
This triggered a rush for higher qualifications as officers who joined the service on the strength of a secondary school certificate sought university degrees and were subsequently considered as constable graduates.CROOKSbrAfter the pay cut, officers who had taken loans and mortgages were left with negative income.
OSCAR winner Emma Stone has revealed the only way she received the same pay as her male co-stars is by them taking voluntary pay cuts.
"The pay cut is not that much, but symbolizes the severity of the difficulties Hyundai Motor Group is undergoing," said Chung Sun-sup, chief executive of corporate research firm
Certainly for some workers who make it through this crisis, not accepting a pay cut could be a wise decision.
Chief Financial Officer David Foy also had a pay cut, earning $4.2 million, but Allan Waters, CEO of the subsidiary Sirius International Insurance Group, received a earned $9.3 million, a 44 percent increase, with $6.1 million as part of a cash incentive plan.
However, this pay cut has come about 'in the wake of the damming Kerslake review of the city council and the damming budget problems, much of the financial responsibility of the chairmen was removed.'.
In August last year, the government introduced a 1.5 per cent pay cut for public sector employees only, leaving semi-governmental employees' privileges intact.
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "At no stage has the Welsh Government or NHS Wales employers suggested any form of pay cut for staff.
THOUSANDS of public sector workers face a pay cut under the Government's plans to bring in regional pay, a union leader has claimed.
AUO's pay cut will affect 16 senior executives, including the president and 15 vice presidents, enabling the company to save NT$8 million a year.
The government has already filed with the Diet the bill on the 7.8 percent pay cut, together with another bill intended to expand the labor rights of public servants.
Union leaders are threatening strike action after Shropshire County Council told its 6,500 staff they will be out of a job in September unless they take a pay cut.