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the wage demanded from management for workers by their union representatives


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Equal pay claims look at work done by the claimant, against the work of the person they seek to compare themselves to.
The pay claim was submitted to the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities by the Trade Union side of the Scottish Local Government Joint Council and covers the 12 months from April 1.
This judgment will have far-reaching implications on other supermarket equal pay claims."
It used monies, put aside by the previous Labour administration to cover the equal pay claim by women council employees, to fund other projects including council leader Whitby's pet project, The Library of Birmingham.
Yet they failed to settle the women's equal pay claims at this time.
This process takes time and not all people who have put in an equal pay claim are entitled to a payment.
Lisa Mayhew, an employment specialist at law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner, said: "Although this case originated in the public sector, today's decision it may well have a significant impact on the city, where female employees may now be more willing to bide their time and bring equal pay claims to the High Court.
Brian Strutton, GMB national officer, said: "GMB is very clear that our 2010 pay claim is affordable and no more than council workers deserve.
Responding to the pay claim, Brian Baldwin, chairman of the local councils Employers' Side, said: "The key aspect of these forthcoming negotiations is to make sure any settlement is affordable to the taxpayer and councils while at the same time making sure local government continues to be an attractive place to work in.
If necessary, we could look at the question of equal pay claims for work of equal value because the councils cannot deliver job evaluation by the due date at the end of this month.'
Now Electricity Service Board employees are threatening to go on strike over a 16.5 per cent pay claim.
LET'S PAUSE BRIEFLY TO CONSIDER THE job transfer and merit pay claim before moving on to what you really want to know--how we're going to get Clinton off without going to trial.