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pay (for something) with cash

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customers pay cash, order their home Mansell QC " Ling claimed his fraud was nearer to PS75,000, but the judge said the actual figure would not make a difference in sentencing.
"So, when the customer chooses to buy a product online and proceed to the checkout page, he chooses to pay cash on delivery.
Users will now only be able to fund their Apple Pay Cash balance with a debit card, or existing money on the Apple Pay Cash card.
BEIRUT: All money transfer offices must pay cash wired electronically from abroad to the recipients in Lebanese pounds only and not in U.S.
iOS 11 brings numerous features and improvements to Apple devices, including Apple Pay Cash, augmented reality, a new Control Center and Live Photos.
It'll be interesting to observe whether Apple Pay Cash can put a dent in Venmo's growth trajectory.
iOS 11.2 includes Apple Pay Cash in the US -- Apple's new peer-to-peer payments service.
Apple's forthcoming Apple Pay Cash will likely become the next in a long line of P2P offerings that are forcing credit unions to think about the future of their noninterest income, industry experts say.
Fiona, my husband has just purchased a Toyota and even though he told them he wanted to pay cash they still brought the finance man out to try and push a deal on him.
'All rank-and-file employees regardless of position, designation or employment status have all the right to claim their 13th month pay cash bonus,' said Alan Tanjusay, spokesperson of Associated Labor Unions.
They have introduced a handling fee on all tickets of 7.5% , even if you pay cash at the box office.
Mr Balls told BBC Radio Leeds: "I'm not saying to people you've always got to get a receipt if you pay cash to somebody who is doing an odd job.
Tranmere ROVERS supporters can now pay cash on the turnstiles in the Kop Stand on turnstiles 22-26 (main car park side) for tonight's home friendly against Everton.