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(Middle Ages) a large heavy oblong shield protecting the whole body

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Pavise has now been tested up to Stanag Level 4 to create armour which is capable of resisting both small arms and heavy machine gun fire with armour-piercing projectiles.
"As a company we are well positioned to support the market, both in the UK and the wider European markets, and we look forward to receiving the feedback of all the companies currently testing Pavise."
To demonstrate that armour can qualify as fine art he points to a 15th-century pavise with a wonderful painting of the arms of the city of Schongau: an eagle 'displayed' (Fig.
But all of a sudden socialism took root here in 1960 as the communist leadership added an extra "S" to the official name of the country (the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (ESSR)), as the state lion obtained a star instead of a crown, and as his heraldic shield was replaced by a Hussite pavise.
I et studie pavises, at familien til demente patienter oplever skyld, depression, folelse af fiasko og forogelse i byrden som omsorgsgiver i tiden lige efter det demente familiemedlems indflytning pa demenscenter.