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(Middle Ages) a large heavy oblong shield protecting the whole body

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In moments of display, theory generates praxis, raising it "to the rank of playful activity" (Pavis 20) and "respond[ing] to and construct[ing] new ways of seeing and thinking that render inherited forms and structures obsolete or ineffective" (Knowles 214).
"I'm not saying Mr Pavis knows nothing about the game but he doesn't let the people he employs get on with their jobs.
Confusion is also evident in his reference to the notion of 'identification': "The spectator has the illusion of seeing the actual character before him, and everything contributes to his identification with that character" (Pavis 178).
Theta Pavis, Editor, Peace and Freedom REVENUE - 2001 $486,522 Gifts from Individuals 74% $360,026 Bequests/Gifts in Memory 10% $ 48,652 Resources, Royalties, Subscriptions 3% $ 14,596 Foundation grants 13% $ 63,248 HOW FUNDS ARE USED National program & membership support 55% $302,583 General management 30% $165,046 Intern program 8% $ 44,012 International Assessment 7% $ 38,511 How Funds are used National Program 55% General Management 30% Intern Program 8% International Assessment 7% Note: Table made from pie chart
(7) This is Patrice Pavis' description of the function of the Gestus in Languages of the Stage (42).
Former chairman Derek Pavis has masterminded a last-ditch bid to save the club but is still depending on a party of supporters to raise pounds 200,000.
Former chairman Derek Pavis broke down in tears as he labelled it "the darkest day in the history of the club", which stretches back more than 141 years.
KNOCKBREDA PARISH: Thompson, Moore, Watson, Calderwood, Pavis, Owens (Rea 68), McGarry (Gardner 68), Crooks, Blackstock, Evans (Cowan 85), Adair.
The Belfast Giants players proved a hit when they hijacked Glen Pavis's afternoon show on Cool FM to make a dream come true.
The remainder of the cash has been spread out among smaller clubs, including a pounds 2m loan to Second Division Notts County to buy out former chairman Derek Pavis.
Steve Bennett, 41, Gerry Pavis, 32, and schoolboys Tom Wickens, 16, and Shaun Spedding, 15 - all from Hayling island, Sussex - were found clinging to three canoes after a freak wave sank one of their canoes and swamped the others off Chichester harbour, Sussex.
The ball was cleared off the line by Jim Pavis but Tabb made no mistake at the second attempt.
Said manager Sam Allardyce: "Our financial problems are well-known and under the circumstances, it must have been tempting for our chairman, Derek Pavis.
Fed-up Derek Pavis is willing to grant Notts County's boo-boys their wish and sell up - although finding a buyer will be near impossible on this evidence.
(4) Patrice Pavis (1996: 8) defines "multicultural" theater as emerging from "the clash of contexts" (9) between various ethnic or linguistic groups in multicultural societies.