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covered with a firm surface


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And let there be a fountain, or some fair work of statuas, in the midst of this court; and to be paved as the other court was.
Here again she remarked, in the second place, how Chance, or Fate, had once more paved the way for that second meeting which had confronted them with one another at Mablethorpe House.
They led him through a paved room under the court, where some prisoners were waiting till their turns came, and others were talking to their friends, who crowded round a grate which looked into the open yard.
The last time Denver paved its Central Business District was in 2003.
In total, around 50,000m2 of taxiway and 7,500m2 of apron was paved by the SP500.
A A A A He also added that roads will be paved for 36 Km long and 400 lighting poles will be installed in the Wilayat of Liwa, internal roads will also be paved for 30 Km long and 400 lighting poles will be installed in the Wilayat of Shinas, in addition to, paving car parking in front of mosques and schools in each wilayat of the region according to the laid down plan.
He says, "The United States might be on a par with Europe, but we'd be very different from India, for example, or any country where large numbers of the populace live in smaller, scattered villages, mostly without paved roads, parking lots, and the like.
The city lacks a long-term plan for street paving and relies on politics rather than need to decide which streets get paved, according to an audit released Thursday by City Controller Laura Chick.
A small, paved area surrounded by attractive shrubs makes a perfect sun trap for relaxing in the garden.
A newly paved stretch of road, flat and smooth, slips unnoticed under a driver's wheels.
Yet I did find John Kelly's Paved Paradise profound, or, at the very least, profoundly moving, so that's the slope we're skiing.
The New Asphalt Driveway Paving Bid Sheet helps homeowners obtain Quality Paved Driveways at Affordable Prices
Provision of services for snow removal routes, sidewalks, paved surfaces, snow removal, and removal of roof ice icicles, snow overhangs, unblocking gutter system, and during bezsnieznym upkeep of roads, sidewalks, paved squares and green spaces in military complexes: Bytom (Garrison Club) at ul.
Wheeled material handlers are better suited to work on smooth, paved surfaces that will provide a stable base from which to operate the machine.