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  • verb

Synonyms for pauperize

to reduce to financial insolvency

Synonyms for pauperize

reduce to beggary

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Meade, described as a "national home" for all men maimed by the War between the States, a proposal ultimately thwarted by the likes of Massachusetts Governor Alexander Hamilton Bullock who held that such a measure would "tend to pauperize the soldier" (Severo 134).
There is nothing here that can tend to pauperize, for there is neither trace nor taint of charity; nothing which will help any man who does not help himself; nothing is given here for nothing.
According to Sweeney, the right wing - which may mean anyone with a nonunion job - wants to "voucherize, privatize, and pauperize education.
People with chronic illnesses want assurance that long-term care will not pauperize their families if they are forced into institutions.
But the fact, passing largely unnoticed, is that since 1967, when Israel captured that small remnant left to Palestinians after the dismemberment of their patrimony 20 years earlier, Zionism's intention was to both subdue and pauperize its victims by robbing them of their political rights and their precious land - and to do it through state terror.
This validate the fact that World Bank, IMF and other financial institutions in the West have collaborated heavily with postcolonial African leaders to further pauperize the masses through their financial support in form of loans to bogus and anti-people projects.