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Synonyms for pauperise

reduce to beggary

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L'injonction s'adresse a la majorite de la population latino-americaine--celle des pauperises et des basses classes moyennes.
A leur arrivee a Los Angeles, ces populations commencent souvent par investir les quartiers pauperises pres du centre-ville (inner city) de Los Angeles.
As someone who has not had a snout for 30 years and a drink for more than 20, I have invested my savings from these practices that pauperise in a magnificent mausoleum.
Does the Government want to pauperise as many of us as possible, to bribe us into docility with offers of desperately-needed "benefits"?
Yet over this tiny local difficulty, Mr Miliband is proposing to pauperise his own party.
Halfway through the latest one yesterday came a study on "The distribution of debt and repayment difficulties" aka the mountain of debt threatening to pauperise tens of thousands of British households and leave the banks nursing well-deserved but ruinous losses.