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having a large belly

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Ashoka was no Shah Rukh Khan," Allen declares, dismissing his hero as " a short, paunchy man, shorter than his wives, who kept having fainting fits.
The fat and paunchy cops can't expect to catch fleeing criminals," said Tangerang Police Chief Colonel Wahyu Widada, while joining Tuesday afternoon's exercise session with hundreds of officers.
That's a relief for your correspondent, a slightly greying, paunchy and bespectacled 39-year-old man, who took his place in a sell-out crowd, less than 10% of which were male.
MELBOURNE, December 23, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Australia: A slimmed-down Shane Warne watched as a rather paunchy statue of himself was unveiled at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Thursday, complete with the earring and mullet hairstyle that typified the star leg spinner during his test playing days.
The fat and paunchy will not get through," Russia's Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev was quoted as saying.
The Javert to this modern-day Valjean is lonely, obsessed FBI agent Carl Hanratty, played with paunchy, shlumpy verve by Norbert Leo Butz (who probably hasn't had this much fun since he played the con artist in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels").
While we all thought Blackburn were making delusional bids for paunchy ex-superstars, they'd actually set their sights far higher.
On ITV there's Wagner, stringy haired, paunchy, all ogling eyes, fat fingers and flat falsetto.
I'm only surprised I never fell for one of those conmen who pretend to be an MI5 agent and trick gullible women into handing over their life savings, despite it usually being quite obvious that they are paunchy fantasists, whose only secret missions are frankly best kept that way.
A SOLDIER DIED TODAY He was getting old and paunchy, and his hair was falling fast And he sat around the Legion telling stories of the past.
The initiative, which is running at the Wern outlets in Ruthin and Abergele provides free weight checks and advice for the owners of flabby felines and paunchy pooches.
But that didn't stop the paunchy pop flop staging an impressive bid to steal the show.
Now, to tackle an epidemic of paunchy pooches, the first keep-fit trail for dogs in any Forestry Commission woodland in the UK has been launched in the region.
They've never felt so old, so paunchy, and so balding.
When a strapping sixfooter from Toronto with a winning smile went up against a paunchy sprout from Merthyr Tydvill, it didn't take a genius, or even Suzi Quattro, to work out who'd go through to next Saturday's fin-uhhuhh-uhhl.