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having patterns (especially colorful patterns)

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The walls were wainscoted half-way up, the wainscot being covered with green baize, the remainder with a bright- patterned paper, on which hung three or four prints of dogs' heads; Grimaldi winning the Aylesbury steeple-chase; Amy Robsart, the reigning Waverley beauty of the day; and Tom Crib, in a posture of defence, which did no credit to the science of that hero, if truly represented.
Amazed by the mysterious beauty of the palaces, Escher took out his sketchbook and made ink and watercolor paintings of the patterned tiles.
Scientists studying so-called patterned grounds have developed geological models for how some of these varied landforms have arisen from the influence of only soft, water, and sunlight.
By focusing on migration as population movements to be counted, characterized, and patterned, this book reflects the approaches of that literature and only marginally addresses other aspects of the topic such as the meaning of migration for those who traveled.
In addition, the I-1100's conformal S-FIL technology is providing an enabling technology for similar high resolution applications like the patterning of discrete track and bit patterned media for hard disk drive development and precision grating structures for optical components.