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someone who makes patterns (as for sewing or carpentry or metalworking)

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Joseph, a wood pattern maker, said: "She had been unconscious for virtually the whole week.
Spatial Imaging has introduced the Lightgate Pattern Maker V1.
The designer works with a pattern maker to create a set of instructions--called a pattern--for the cutters and sewers to follow.
In addition, the new Pattern Maker plug-in creates patterns, such as rocks and sand; while an enhanced Liquify plug-in provides greater control over image warping with zoom, pan and multiple undo capabilities.
For the past three years, he has worked in the wood mill as a pattern maker.
After switching to CAD design, the company doesn't have to wait to get a casting of the model back from the pattern maker before designing the tooling that will manufacture the parts and the fixtures that will hold the parts, Zantos said.
The pattern maker first shapes the wood with a table saw, then uses lathes, mills, sanders and other woodworking machinery to complete the shape.
Malcolm works as a pattern maker for the car industry while Jayne is a monitoring officer with the local council.
I'm not greedy," stresses the pattern maker from Carrickfergus.
Pattern maker Corey Burns says Winnipeg received as an IGES file which was
The five Windows-compatible titles are Hallmark Connections Every day Greetings card application, Crayola Art coloring and drawing program, Stationery Store and Sticker & Label Store from DogByte Development, and Pattern Maker, a cross-stich program from HobbyWare.
Pattern Play: Prada Party"--page 24) has a passion for sewing that led her to study Fashion Design in NYC, where she also interned for Vera Wang as a pattern maker.
David Brown was formed in 1860 as a pattern maker for cast gears but became world-famous for its power transmissions and tractors | The company has occupied its Park Works headquarters site since 1902 | During the First World War employee numbers rose from 200 to 1,000 as David Brown made products such as propulsion units for warships, gun training and elevating mechanisms and trench mortar bombs | David Brown collaborated with Harry Ferguson to manufacture the Ferguson-Brown Tractor in 1936 before unveiling the first David Brown tractor in 1939.
Jack, of Norton, who worked as a pattern maker, set up the business, Jack Taylor Cycles, along with his two brothers, Ken and Norman in the mid 1940s, following the war.