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Synonyms for patronising

(used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension

References in classic literature ?
At first she was made much of, in an offensively patronising manner.
When the young men went upstairs, and after Osborne's introduction to Miss Crawley, he walked up to Rebecca with a patronising, easy swagger.
After that altruistic exploit Stevie was put to help wash the dishes in the basement kitchen, and to black the boots of the gentlemen patronising the Belgravian mansion.
He was continuing in this strain, when Mr Chester with a most beneficent and patronising air cut him short by saying:
With a comfortable impression upon him, and quite an honest one in its way, that he was still patronising Little Dorrit in doing what had no reference to her, he found himself one afternoon at the corner of Mr Casby's street.
Giles looked round with a patronising air, as much as to say that so long as they behaved properly, he would never desert them.
Emily, my dear,' said the spinster aunt, with a patronising air,
Have you noticed that she wants everyone to consider that she is patronising me and doing me an honour by being here?
Quigley said: "It's a bit patronising because if I can recall one of the last All-Ireland quarter-finals that Jim McGuinness was in (against Mayo in 2013) they got beaten by 16 or 17 points.
Nicola Dinnage from Stevenage, said: "I think it's silly and I think it's patronising.
Even Italian newspapers - Berlusconiland - are calling it sexist and patronising.
THE "Heroine of Hackney" yesterday pulled out of the race to be Liberal Democrat president, claiming members are racist and patronising.
He also expressed happiness about patronising the ceremony to lay the cornerstone of the school which is part of the GCC development programme.
As a parent of a blind child I find that comment both patronising and offensive," the paper quoted a parent as tweeting.
Summary: Patronising language used by hospital and care home staff towards older people should be banned, a report has said.