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Synonyms for patronised

having patronage or clients


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YES Rod McPhee: Mirror writer who is working class, Northern and proud of it Melvyn Bragg is spot-on when he says that northerners, particularly working-class northerners, are patronised by the people who create the shows we are still forced to endure.
Eagle said: "I've been patronised by better people than the Prime Minister.
Talking to a delegation which met him at his residence here Sunday, he said officials who had patronised land mafias would be sacked, adding that a report had also been compiled on plazas and buildings constructed in violation of by-laws in big cities.
The mass wedding ceremony is part of a project patronised by Al-Dhahrani and sponsored by institutions, companies and philanthropic people from inside and outside Bahrain.
Southern Police Director-General patronised the course which is part of the training plans to improve the skills of employees and disseminate and protect the culture of human rights.