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someone on patrol duty

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The Patroller system under test operated in civil airspace from the Beja air base in Portugal.
As the program marks its 95th anniversary, Patrollers across North America and in 30 countries will take their post for another school year, wearing their familiar 'Lectric Lime belt or vest.
It is not known who the mystery patroller is, but the signs have caught the attention of people in the area.
The investment of time, training and certification to become a ski patroller is much greater,'' he said.
Part-time ski patroller Jackie Matthew is easy to spot with her nine-year-old collie-cross rescue dog Corre.
Based on Segway's reputation for innovative design and quality workmanship, we anticipate the market's reception to the SE-3 Patroller to be very strong.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique has announced prize of Rs 100,000 for each patroller who detected planted-bomb at railway track between Rajanpur and Mithan Kot and saved several precious lives of passengers on Friday.
The week before the Paris Air Show a Sagem Patroller drone equipped with a Euroflir 410 optronic package and a VHF/UHF comint package believed to be from by Thales flew seven missions, each totalling around one and a half hour in the Paris region.
In the dissertation for his December 2012 PhD at Delft University of Technology, Harteveld continues the study he began in his 2011 Triadic Game Design by describing the design of Levee Patroller, a game designed to train practitioners in making sense of flood risks.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Airbus Military said today that some 650 of its light and medium sized military transport and maritime patroller aircrafts are flying with more than 100 operators worldwide.
The woman, who had been a school crossing patroller for around 10 years, had crossed from the east to west footpath on Hillfoot Road with the children as they made their way to nearby Forehill Primary just before the incident.
Highland Emergency (8pm) Ski patroller Ruari Macdonald tends to a 15-year-old boy who has damaged his back in a fall, and a man who suffered spinal compression is airlifted from Rothesay to a specialist care unit in Glasgow.
The primary differences between WLM and Query Patroller are explained, along with how they interact in DB2 9.
A council spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that a school crossing patroller has been suspended pending an investigation.
Segway, a leader in the small electric vehicle space, has launched its new Patroller models featuring greater vsibility for police, security, and emergency response.