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someone on patrol duty

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In addition, both the Alpine and Nordic patrols at Willamette Pass have produced winners of the national "outstanding patroller of the year" award given by National Ski Patrol.
An onboard data processing function will enable the Patroller drone to detect and automatically track suspect ships in its search zone, while also consolidating key data (speed, trajectory, size, registration numbers, other visual proofs, etc.
Based on the input information and the estimated distribution, we build a game model abstracting the strategic interaction between the patroller and the poacher as an SSG.
99 Take to the skies with Paw Patrol's Air Patroller SELFIEMIC SELFIE STICK MICROPHONE AN adjustable selfie stick with a microphone, ear piece and free app, you can sing, lip sync and perform thousands of your favourite songs and create music videos.
The Paw Patroller comes with Ryder and his ATV vehicle and can hold 3 Paw Patrol vehicles inside or display six vehicles when open.
AMYSTERY dog poo patroller has struck again to flag up the problem of people not cleaning up after their pets.
I've worked as a ski teacher, a ski patroller and now on pisting machines.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique has announced prize of Rs 100,000 for each patroller who detected planted-bomb at railway track between Rajanpur and Mithan Kot and saved several precious lives of passengers on Friday.
In the words of one patroller, 'we draw our operational plan according to the statistics of the map'.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Airbus Military said today that some 650 of its light and medium sized military transport and maritime patroller aircrafts are flying with more than 100 operators worldwide.
Segway, a leader in the small electric vehicle space, has launched its new Patroller models featuring greater vsibility for police, security, and emergency response.
Tony, I'm sure eration and also the fact that the average patroller enjoys their job, in all weathers, and with some of the abuse that can come from the motorists.
I strongly suspect that the lady in question has never been connected with the job that the average patroller carries out, or the responsibilities those jobs hold.
If you have the necessary skills and are fond of snow, you could mix work and sport as a ski patroller.