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Synonyms for patrimonial

of or from one's ancestors

Synonyms for patrimonial

inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent

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" Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio earlier raised that a provision of the loan agreement states that the government of China can seize gas from Reed Bankclassified as patrimonial asset, said the senior justiceif the government fails to pay the loan.
'These assailed provisions open the possibility for China to acquire patrimonial properties in the Philippines is tantamount to ceding in favour of China certain territories in the Philippines by virtue of our default in our contractual obligations.
Joel Villanueva cautioned Malacanang against 'using patrimonial assets as collateral.'
Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio warned Beijing might seize gas in the resource-rich Reed Bank with this provision as it falls under the category of "patrimonial assets and assets dedicated to commercial use."
RESUMEN | Una concepcion integral de la conservacion del patrimonio construido--es decir, de los recursos construidos de valor patrimonial--implica una vision ambiental del mismo, a traves del analisis teorico y de experiencias relativas a los enfoques, tendencias y modelos aplicados a la gestion de dichos recursos, en complementariedad con los atributos que conforman su valor patrimonial. A tal fin se ha desarrollado un modelo conceptual para su manejo, basado en la gestion ambiental urbana.
E You wrote in your book several times that you see patrimonial capitalism on the rise and that the recession of 2008 was in your view the first crisis of patrimonial capitalism in the 21st century.