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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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A igualdade de genero e a participacao politica feminina, no entanto, continuaram sendo uma questao contenciosa em uma sociedade altamente patrilinear e conservadora.
Kim had only one wife, Kim Young-suk, but it is felt likely that somehow the government will polish up Ko Yong-hee's image eventually, because in Korean culture, while patrilinear descent is the most important, the maternal line cannot remain unremembered.
"It was part of his twenty years' heritage of breathing the same air and hearing his father talk about the man." (7) Thus, somewhat simplifying the matter, we can say that one of the main lines of story-transmission or story movement is also mainly patrilinear and genealogical.
But the overdetermination that located a cultural sense of disinheritance in a disempowerment of the father made it easy to believe that it had been; and before long distressing phenomena from the morcellement of land to the drop in natality were being attributed to the abandonment of patrilinear succession.
Sis's dedication reads: "From son to father and father to son." And the importance of patrilinear succession as a portal into Tibet is reinforced in the picture on the inside of the back cover.
The house constitutes the intersection of the two axes of reproduction, namely patrilinear descent and asymmetric alliance.
The appealing authority of science is joined to a particular cultural condition of diasporic longing." As Nash warns us, though, that "appealing authority of science" has its limitations, most notably that it is "masculine, patrilinear," the same flaw that underlies traditional family tree searching in the dusty archives.
These HIV positive mothers, living in a patrilinear and patrilocal society, felt isolated from their own families in the households of their in-laws.
As far as I know Hobbits were universally monogamous (indeed they very seldom married a second time, even if wife or husband died very young); and I should say that their family arrangements were 'patrilinear' rather than patriarchal.
Golding has discarded the theme of pseudo-orphanhood and search for paternity, but not that of patrilinear descent, for his Ion claims the Pisistratids as his ancestors and thus considers himself, significantly, as Athenian (pp.
Mary Murray's essay on primogeniture acknowledges that from 1300 "patrilinear inheritance practices displaced women's common law rights to land, not only daughters' rights to inherit but widows' rights to dower" in favor of the nearest male relative (121).
She has been incorporated in order to fit specific needs (the need for children and certainly sons to perpetuate a patrilinear society) and to reinforce shaman's spirits according to the integrative function of Hmong shamanism that incorporates all powerful and useful spirits in its pantheon of auxiliaries, including the Chinese emperors, empresses, generals, etc.