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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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They also found that in biological families, but not in adoptive families, children were more likely to be named after a patrilineal relative, usually the father.
China is a patriarchal society that follows patrilineal and patrilocality practices steeped in Confucian values, which define rural life and reinforce gender roles.
The Toba Batak adhere to a patrilineal kinship system, she says, and the question is how they reproduced that system during the 80 years between 1861 and 1942 as they interacted dynamically with German missionaries and Dutch colonial administrators.
Furthermore, the village setting is where patrilineal lineages originate, which drives the imagination of locals; however, the patrilineal memory is characterized by a "floating gap" (p.
Patrilineal descent is thus descent from a man in his totemic aspect, and from the country itself, which is an infinite source of ancestral 'stuff'.
La etnografia de Gay y Blasco (1999: 142-148) sobre los gitanos de Jarana, Madrid, aun apunta al concepto de linaje puesto que se refiere a la existencia de patrigrupos, unidades politicas activas que comparten la afiliacion a una raza--que en la terminologia de San Roman (1976) se define como un linaje de filiacion patrilineal--compuesta por hombres y mujeres de filiacion patrilineal, con un nombre en comun y ciertas obligaciones como grupo con personalidad juridica.
Du Bois herself never called her anthropological colleagues a "patrilineal band." Rather, in discussing the difficulties that women of Du Bois's era faced in getting employment, I borrowed that phrase from Scenes from the High Desert: Julian Steward's Life and Theory, by Virginia Kerns (2009).
While at the household level life force emanates from patrilineal ancestors, at the village level it is situated in the house of the ritual leader.
The patrilineal circuits of our work flow compulsively track through the familiar authority of the Big Slow Other, validated by tedious lectures, inert bibliographies, top-down associations, and glacial peer reviews.
The blessing can only be performed by Jewish men who are believed to be of direct patrilineal descent from Aaron, the brother of Moses.
Her mother, Rani Jee, was an indomitable Gujjar ( pastoral tribe) woman, with her clan's lineage traced to the martial, patrilineal, and traditional Rajputs of Rajasthan.
Family life was patrilocal (the wife moved into the husband's household) and patrilineal (inheritance passed from father to son).
My one difference of opinion is with Thompson's description of the patrilineal descent decision by the Reform and Reconstructionist movements as a "watershed." While certainly a significant change, the lack of consensus across movements and the ongoing challenges to be accepted as Jews faced by children of intermarried fathers make patrilineal descent unfinished business.
Advertisements in the October 1970 and December 1970 issues of Artforum (displayed in a vitrine) emphasized this shedding of patrilineal affiliation; the latter features a full-page photo of Chicago as a boxer in the corner of the ring with her arms draped over the ropes and wearing a sweatshirt boldly emblazoned with her new name.
According to him, the significance of patrilineal descent in early Islamic society has been grossly exaggerated both in the traditional sources and in modern scholarship.