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a person who murders their father

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the murder of your father

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"Grossman, Flaubert and Patricide." Jewish Studies Quarterly 5.4: 369-70.
The conflict between the "marvelous," intentional, peaceful performance and the cruel reality of patricide in war generates strong ironic and tragic effects.
The masculinist hero is fallible, dependent, opaque to himself, a patricide, and a thief.
Upon perceiving the possibility that Macartney has committed patricide, Macartney's mother is so overpowered by horror and grief that she faints.
But Hamlet's Pyrrhus pauses before the act of patricide, "extending the life-saving interim 'Between the acting of a dreadful thing / And the first motion' ([Julius Caesar] 2.1.63-64) into the eternal stasis of a picture." Thus "Pyrrhus' hesitation opens space for the aesthetic, as a hiatus within which a reckoning is endlessly deferred.
"In the story Zhak We see this as evil and antiseptic finally, the Fereydoun caught patricide The King comes to take him to Mount Damavand sound of happiness our oven And the clause is Kills.
It also seemed a very American thing to not have a father, as a country that committed patricide."
Haemon's attempted patricide has been interpreted variously (1226-34).
As if by not emphasising her strongest suggestion, that as an example of literary reception Byatt's novel commits "ritual patricide" (177), in the conclusion of her essay, Rees shied away from her own findings.
He is not a dutiful son, but a patricide; he gained his throne not by his intelligence, but by his crime; his love has been unnatural, not natural; and he has been blind when he thought he saw perfectly.
Or, more simply, is the actor playing the patricide Orestes also a murderer in reality?
Next week a trial begins in Eugene considering patricide. A young man is charged with killing his father.
Beaumont who co-wrote with Fletcher) LAWRENCIUM: MICROLAWN (in a Japanese garden) MENDELEVIUM: MINIVOLUMED (issued in small book form) RUTHERFORDIUM: FATHERMURDER (Angle-Saxon equivalent of PATRICIDE, of MANSLAUGHTER).
Patricide is one the five actions which result in immediate rebirth in hell after death.
(59) In spite of framing the relationship this way, the play insists that spectators interpret the crime as a patricide. Beforehand, Barnwell explains that his uncle is the man "qui [lui] a tenu lieu de pere depuis [s]on enfance, qui [l'] a eleve avec une tendresse vraiment paternelle" [who was a father to [him] since [he] was an infant, who raised [him] with truly paternal tenderness].