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a person who murders their father

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the murder of your father

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Yuanchu, huangliang de shifu chongdong--ping dalu dianying Judou [Primitive, desolate patricidal impulse--a commentary on the mainland film Judou], Judou In X.
Stephen Ohayon's psychoanalytically-based article in American Imago views The Stranger as an allegory of Meursault's, and Camus's, repressed guilt over patricidal wishes toward the absent father.
This struggle for the domination of European intellectual life led to much of the twentieth century's evil: "What emerges as the consequence of Hobbes' patricidal assault on the tradition is an education to slavish self-abnegation and a terrible personal openness to totalitarian power.
But if that was the case and the patricidal maniac was never born, who actually killed his father-to-be?
63) In this act, the son of the South accomplishes cultural closure by refusing the patricidal premise of the Civil War.
It has the added benefit of taking the patricidal WorkChoices zombie off the front page for a few days.
Regarding Abu Shukri against a background of Shukris texts serves to elucidate the patricidal fantasies at the end of the film, for they are a reworking of similar fantasies in both texts.
Gioacchino also speaks of another silence: that concerning his own patricidal guilt.