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The imposition of imperial power on the peninsula through the Peace of Bologna and Charles's coronation by Clement (1529) incited the patriciate to compensate their losses by imposing their own power within their state.
Together with his ancestors, then, Boscan, whose Catalan name is Joan Bosca i Almogaver, formed part of the so-called merchant patriciate, and of the rank known as cavalier or donzell.
a capitalist junta or the proponents of rule by a leisured patriciate." Beard's persistent claim that it was not his intent to attack the motives of the framers had never been credible.
Six of them are in English, and cover warfare and military structure in the Hungarian Kingdom 1490-1526, representative and representing art foundations of the urban patriciate in Transylvania, the idea of Muscovite autocephaly from 1441 to 1467, the Bohemian diet in the Jagiellonian period 1471-1526, crusading at the time of the Hungarian royal elections of 1490, and Sigismund's response to defeat after the Crusade of Nicoplolis in 1396.
In the brief period before colonial rule was fully consolidated, the OSCYMA provided a means for a younger generation of aspirant community leaders to challenge a conservative patriciate too much associated with the discredited regimes of the past.
After 1650, apart from the Jacobite interlude, it became an avowedly Protestant body, although the patriciate still remained divided between dissenters and adherents of the Church of Ireland.
(4) Therefore, the Society of Jesus was initially patron of its operational existence within the "canonical" patronage of the Roman patriciate. The numerous conflictual instances of the relationship between the Jesuits and their patrons, the dissensions between the conservative and liberal fractions of the Order, the intermittent absence of funds, and the requirement of the nostro modo procedendi impelled the Jesuits to establish methods for a self-generative patronage capable of respecting the modo procedendi and producing funds.
a research project should be a patriciate debate over a present or
Notions of patriciate, nobility, and citizenship differed dramatically from other parts of Europe in and across the Italian peninsula where profound regional variations could be found.
Caesar had raised the plebeian Octavii into the patriciate through the lex Cassia in 45 BC, (37) but had he not (posthumously) adopted C.
These studies point the way to a new form of intellectual history that focuses less on its esotericism and more on the reception of humanist ideas in the broader Florentine patriciate and population.
Although originally an exclusively male space--"[a]mong the mercantile patriciate of Renaissance Italy, all parts of the household were the wife's province except for the study" (McKeon 225)--the closet subsequently became "serviceably double-gendered" in seventeenth-century England (226).