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a form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line

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You have to perfectly selfless and politically neutral reasons to not abide by the social conventions of patriarchy and for that to be respected?
This is a reminder of who and what enables and protects patriarchy. When you see women enable and protect patriarchy, ask what are they getting from it?
Despite the progress made on women's rights around the world, we're still living in a patriarchy. Why?
Patriarchy, institutionalised through customs, religions, family structures, economics and law, is a system condoning oppression.
Patriarchy is the name given to a dynamic web of ideas, policies, laws, and social practices that bring male domination and privilege into effect.
If patriarchy started this cruel practice, patriarchy can end it.
Real change will come when we rise and dismantle patriarchy together - as men and women.
Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 13 ( ANI ): The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday, while hearing a petition against an FIR registered against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over his 'Brahmanical Patriarchy' poster said that no arrest should be made in the case till further orders.
About seventy students from various universities and a few professionals engaged with filmmaker Salvaire through a webinar where they asked her questions regarding the documentary process and how they can initiate conversations regarding men's role as victims of patriarchy but also and become feminist allies to bring more equality in society.
Patriarchy sees women through a binary: the good women who need to be protected and the bad women from whom the good women should be protected.
This is what sectarianism and patriarchy reproduces, a system with the man as the savior and the facilitator of a woman's access to votes and visibility.
Patriarchy is a form of social organisation that promotes and maintains the advancement, power and privilege of adult heterosexual men, or, cis-gendered males, in matters of the state, economics, culture, the family and household.
Even the adopted religions of Christianity and Islam are invoked to justify and make acceptable, every shred of patriarchy that is imposed on the woman in marriage.
"The Indian women's movements have fought against the deeply hierarchical systems of patriarchy, caste, class and religious divide that our society faces.
Curious as to why society's greatest visionaries and most groundbreaking artists often love through boundary-breaking relationships, Richards offers an interdisciplinary exploration about erotic power and ethical resistance to patriarchy