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(of societies) being ruled by or having descent traced through the male line

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Another major difficulty in the protagonist's life involves struggles with her adoptive grandfather, a patriarchic figure who happens to be a Christian and does not want a shaman in his family.
Eschewing the enduring fables of imperial (and more recent metropolitan) conceit, the traditionally hierarchic and no longer apposite homogenizing tales of patriarchic nationalist romance, and the too categorically set dichotomies of immediately precursory postcolonial "writing back" to the empire postures and modalities, its texts offer more densely woven, regularly border-crossing depictions of Antillean America, its conflicting and evolving notions of nation, citizenship, and identity.
Tickner (1997) has hit the nail on the head, and even though a male, hr believes that the dominance of the male perspective in IR (such views only serve patriachically driven agenda) runs the risk of IR manifesting (or in the current juncture, continuing very robustly and somehow intentionally yet ignorantly) to adhere and uphold, a patriarchic stance.
Traditional patriarchic Hispanic gender roles was one example, where female 'virtue' was attained by living observant religious lives within the confines of their homes, the "private sphere", and males domains being the "public spheres" of work and business.
Living as they do on Israel's geographic, economic and social periphery, Bedouin women have fewer opportunities than any other group in Israel and exist in a male-dominated, patriarchic society that resists change.
We talked about the US side, but China is just as active in building up its capabilities both formally within its military as well as a much wider network, almost like a patriarchic hacker community or a militia community.
Women's movements for gender equality under autocratic patriarchic regimes take on a different form than those that are active under politically open societies.
(3) Did personal insecurities and awe of patriarchic figures contribute to this situation?
The Qazaq force was supervised by the Russian officers and had not patriarchic feeling and according to Kave, they just applied the plans of the Tsar government in Iran [9].
For example, the study discovered some hurdles to co-education such as patriarchic system, male dominancy, conservatism, rigid customs and traditions, stereotyped social codes, acute and chronic poverty, male insularity towards women role, complex social structure, Pardah (veil) system, religious misperceptions, illiterate Mullah (clergymen), gender disparities, female segregation, domestic affairs and lack of women political empowerment.
[6] This patriarchic model of representative agency for protagonists has been problematized from various points of view.
Another characteristic of gender roles that has survived from the past up until now is the patriarchic type of families and couples.
Growing up in a patriarchic family, the participant developed a tendency to live her life depending on the given authority and environment.
Cultures where family bonds are strong and families are predominantly patriarchic, such as Saudi culture, tend to place the decision making with elders of the family without really caring about rights or confidentiality.