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timely convenience

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Case in referring readers to the analogous image of the compasses in Donne's 'A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning'.(2) Thus Michael Neill praises the 'metaphysical ingenuity of Antony's conceit' even though he finds that that 'the patness of his couplet gives it a slightly perfunctory air'.(3) In focusing on this analogue, however, editors may have overlooked the lines' Spenserian source.
Like Tennyson's `Northern Farmer,' she doesn't marry for money, but goes where the money is.(23) Catherine herself seems to have done this with the best of motives; yet that her `ethical' and `worldly' victory converge so smoothly reveals that Jane Austen's famous `breaking frame' pronouncement about the compression of pages showing a hastening towards felicity is a sign of her embarrassment at the very patness of its closure.
Yet the humorous breeziness of the sentence, its patness as it addresses the moral and the spiritual, starts unraveling the sentiment: the language shows that we can make a calculus of the spirit that attends to profit and loss.
Though the constant cross-cutting partially disguises the patness of the setups, characters are left uneasily poised between stylization and any more organic, internal rhythms.
Taylor accuses concrete poetry of restricting itself to "celebratory, affirmative values, a pleasure with the tendency to turn away from the real world's pain," and because of that, "such poetry cannot give birth to a sustained, focussed criticism of personal and social malaise, cannot make fine and particularized enough distinctions to shake us out of apathy or - however delightful, however pleasureable - to open our eyes to the connections between our own patness and the suffering of others" (AP 234).