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a scarf worn by Sikh men

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Patka's practice also includes representing developers in the acquisition/disposition of Inclusionary Air Rights and handles Voluntary and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing applications.
Sugars were presented 'patka' (turbans) at the moot.
Patka, "Bone substitutes in the Netherlands - a systematic literature review," Acta Biomaterialia, vol.
Asim Shabbir Patka of Millinium Textile Mills for Towels, Mr.
Covering his head with an orange patka as required, Mr Corbyn served food to worshippers and made an offering at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in Southall, west London.
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The Sikh child is to never cut hair and the male child is to always cover his head by tying a 'patka' or a turban.
Inspired by historic textiles and museum pieces of patka (waist-sashes), Jain established a draw-loom weaving workshop.
We both are there for each other," says Ali Fazal Patka, Country Leader for India at the Souk.
[20.] Ringburg AN, Spanjersberg WR, Frankema SPG, Steyerberg EW, Patka P, Schipper IB.
In order to make the TEDx event happen, coorganizers Sean Pica, executive director of Hudson Link, and Emily Patka, Hudson Link's academic coordinator of the Greene Correctional Facility Program, lived the principles inherent in the chosen theme, "Creating Healthy Communities." "Healthy" is typically not associated with the prison community, and yet, emotional, physical and social health are just as important to inmates as to anyone else.
The PM, wearing an orange patka, and wife Samantha chatted with the faithful and posed for selfies at the Gravesend Gurdwara in Kent.
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