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coat with a patina

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The roof, given emphasis by a 10 degree inclined facade, is clad with standing-seam copper panelling which will patinate over time, reflecting the effects of nature.
After 12 to 25 years, the copper will patinate to a green-blue.
Unwilling to allow anyone else to patinate his bronzes, he invariably took on the job himself.
Copper panels, designed to age and patinate over time, clad the big sliding doors, fractionally animating the austere composition of taut, sealed planes.
Drawing on the functional spirit of the wash house, new parts are executed in taut, Kahnian planes of russet brick and sensuous copper which will patinate gracefully and gradually over time.
4 In this very dry and hot climate, they do not seem to patinate, but looking down from the Rock, they glitter in the sun with a ruddy gleam.