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a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal

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The long duration of the tenancy agreement of "Patina" will provide the Group with sufficient time to recuperate its initial investments and maintain stability of the business of "Integrated Senior Wellness Hub" and at the same time facilitate the Group to formulate its strategy in relation to the "Integrated Senior Wellness Hub" over a long term planning horizon.
"The PATINA trial offers an exciting opportunity for a new global collaborative initiative among clinical trial groups aimed at improving the treatment of women with metastatic breast cancer," commented Monica M.
Architect Stanton Eckstut was hired to design the new residence, which incorporates architectural elements that pay tribute to the former hotel's copper patina details, terracotta facade, and corner bay windows.
CAPITOL Investment Holdings and luxury brand Patina Hotels & Resorts have jointly signed a hotel management agreement to operate The Patina, Capitol Singapore, Patina Hotel & Resorts' flagship hotel, at the Capitol development, a prime integrated development in Singapore's Downtown Civic District.
The next step is the coloring process, known as patina.
Its copper-coloured wings and doors really are made out of copper and the idea is that the material will age and develop its own unique patina over time.
This large, colorful volume on interior design philosophy explores what the authors call "patina style," the use of old, worn, and natural texture textiles, furniture, and accessories in modern or traditional rooms to communicate a sense of time, back story, and belonging in residential spaces.
The gate complex would have provided access to the citadel of Kunulua, which was the capital of the Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Patina around 950-725 BC.
She deserves all the praise she's been given for her debut West End role, but she's up against Sister Act's Patina Miller in her category.
The pigments are designed to exhibit exceptional brilliance, expansive metallic travel, and very smooth patina while offering excellent performance and degradation resistance in automotive OEM finishes.
Silberline Silver Star pigments exhibit exceptional brilliance, expansive metallic travel and very smooth patina while offering excellent performance and good degradation resistance in automotive OEM finishes, according to the company.
There are many finishes that the material acquires along with a green patina, which is quite exotic.
When chef Joachim Splichal first developed Au Bon Climat Patina Label Chardonnay in 1989, his restaurant, Patina, was a newcomer to the Los Angeles fine dining scene and vintner Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat Winery was a rising star in the Santa Barbara County wine world.