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Synonyms for interaction

a mutual or reciprocal action

(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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sup][23] EAdi has been recently introduced in the clinical setting, and offers the unique possibility to directly assess respiratory drive and timing from the closest respiratory center signal and thus achieve better understanding of patient-ventilator interaction.
Patient-ventilator interactions during partial ventilatory support: a preliminary study comparing the effects of adaptive support ventilation with synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation plus inspiratory pressure support.
Since there may be episodes during which the patient is in various phases of spontaneous breathing when the machine is set to deliver a preset Vt, the use of synchronisation allows for enhanced patient-ventilator interaction by delivering the preset machine breath in conjunction with the patient's inspiratory effort.
Patient-ventilator interaction during acute hypercapnia: pressure support vs proportional-assist ventilation.
It is this range of activity along with the ventilator's capabilities and set parameters that determine patient-ventilator interaction.
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