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the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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For example, while in concussion care, treatment begins with modifications to create a quiet environment; in restoration, the environment is modified to maintain a structured military environment to prevent service members from adopting a "patient role." In a comparison of restoration/reconditioning, units using both behavioral health-directed and OT-directed intervention, there was a 17% greater likelihood of RTD when compared to those restoration/reconditioning teams that did not include occupational therapists (T.
Results of our study indicate that, in general, patient role relationships with their physician are associated with their level of activation.
Recently I've been thinking about Aboriginal people's role in healthcare settings and in my experience, have seen this to be more of a patient role than one of health care provider.
Putting yourself in the patient role is a good reminder of the patient's powerlessness and dependence on your word.
Older adults confront more challenges in making lifestyle changes (Butler, Davis, Lewis, & Nelson, 1998), are least likely to receive diabetes education (Lawton, 1994), must contend with age-insensitive instruction (Croxson, 2002), and are expected to assume a passive patient role (Shaffer & Sherrell, 1995).
The active-participant patient role is driven by several social variables.
PATIENT ROLE: 'I never knew it was possible to feel so sick,' says Tony McCoy
"One or two of us have been asked to play a bit more of a patient role; I have learnt a lot from people like Andy Flower in previous years."
Typical mental hospital inmates were poor persons, cast in the patient role against their will, housed in a public mental hospital.
Thus, while the physician role in the physician-patient relationship is significant, the patient role in successful medical encounters is no small factor.
A sense of the special limits placed on the institution of medicine and on the patient role tends to isolate these from the overall world of Victorian fantasy about the body and the mind.
In the context of acute care, the patient role is warranted.
The standardized patient role was defined to provide physicians with indented clinical scenario and to avoid potential rating biases with real patients.
These changes seemed mainly to be shaped instigated by changes in the (1) patient role, (2) increasing interdisciplinary teamwork, and (3) focus on rehabilitation efforts conducted in the patient's environment.
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