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the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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The "beyond the four roles" category seems mainly to be shaped and instigated by changes in the (1) patient role, (2) increasing interdisciplinary teamwork, and (3) focus on rehabilitation efforts conducted in the patient's environment.
Emerging aspects of the patient role included more focus on individuality, patient centralization, patient participation, the involvement of relatives, interdisciplinary cooperation, and rehabilitation efforts conducted during a short period of hospitalization followed by outpatient initiatives.
Results of our study indicate that, in general, patient role relationships with their physician are associated with their level of activation.
Individuals may not believe that they need to be involved in managing their health, especially when under the care of physicians who reinforce a traditional passive patient role.
Exploring patient role behaviors for health care services: The assertive, activated and passive patient.
Typical analytic patients were rich persons (usually wealthier than the analyst) who cast themselves in the patient role and lived in their own home or wherever they pleased.
This framework, while holding potentially significant practical implications, has probably been more influential in challenging a certain paternalistic and authoritarian style of medical practice than in challenging the basic medical model and patient role notions.
With 86% of Providers Acknowledging Critical Patient Role, Education on Options is a Must(1)
As our nursing program coordinates the use of standardized patients with the school of medicine, we are relieved of the responsibility of recruiting and orienting individuals to the standardized patient role.
In place of an actual patient or simulator manikin, a student assumes the patient role and is given a script to follow to simulate patient responses to care.
From passengers to co-pilots: Patient roles expand.
Abstract No: 1084 with Locally Advanced or Location: S Hall Metastatic Breast Cancer A1 Previously Treated with Anthracycline, Taxane, and Capecitabine Therapy Poster 38A Advanced Breast Oncologist and Patient Roles in June 2, 2008 Cancer Assessing Current and Future 2:00-6:00 p.
Abstract No: Metastatic Breast Cancer Location: 1084 Previously Treated with S Hall A1 Anthracycline, Taxane, and Capecitabine Therapy Poster 38A Advanced Breast Oncologist and Patient Roles in June 2, Cancer Assessing Current and Future 2008 Treatment for Metastatic Breast 2:00-6:00 Abstract No: Cancer: Results of an p.
Focus on the Consumer--redefining patient roles in decision making; use of patient satisfaction and outcome measures.
We reported important patient roles in spiritual interactions: discerning physicians' interest in spirituality, accommodating discussions to physicians' perceived orientation, and setting agendas for discussions that occur.
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