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Synonyms for pathos

Synonyms for pathos

a quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow)


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a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others

a style that has the power to evoke feelings

References in classic literature ?
It is perhaps remarkable, considering her temperament, that Phoebe oftener chose a strain of pathos than of gayety.
No adequate expression of the beauty and profound pathos with which it impresses us is attainable.
As a public speaker, he excels in pathos, wit, comparison, imitation, strength of reasoning, and fluency of language.
Who can read that passage, and be in- sensible to its pathos and sublimity?
I saw again all the old plantations that I had ever seen; the whole history of the Negro ran through my mind; and the inexpressible pathos of his life found expression in these songs as I had never before felt it.
Here was the century-old problem in all its pathos seated singing before me.
At last, George, sitting down beside the mourner, took her hand, and, with simple pathos, repeated the triumphant scene of her husband's death, and his last messages of love.
We copy a portion of Marvell's "Maiden lamenting for her Fawn," which we prefer-not only as a specimen of the elder poets, but in itself as a beautiful poem, abounding in pathos, exquisitely delicate imagination and truthfulness-to anything of its species:
I waited and waited for you," she went on, her tones suddenly resuming their old fluty pathos.
There is no pathos in real misery: no luxury in real grief.
One prisoner of fifteen years had scratched verses upon his walls, and brief prose sentences--brief, but full of pathos.
interface is designed PATHOS (iPad/iPhone) HHH HH PATHOS is, unfortunately, something that triggers pity or sadness.
The film strikes the right balance between pathos and drama.
His topics include Huneker and Barthes reading Nietzsche; the birth of Irish modernism from the spirit of Nietzscheism: Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett; affect effects affects: Deleuzian affect versus Lacanian pathos; war, death, and distance in Eliot's poetry; and pathos of the future: nihilism and hospitality in The Childhood of Jesus.
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