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any deviation from a healthy or normal condition

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To address these challenges, the industry must sustain and add value to the vital service that pathology provides to healthcare and, in particular, to cancer care.
The global digital pathology market is flourishing due to the rise in expenditure in healthcare industry.
In conclusion, this study indicates that majority of students have a positive approach towards the field of pathology and favour incorporating it in an integrative way into the medical school curriculum.
The high throughput WSI scanner's integrated image viewer, image management system ImagePath and telepathology TELEPath, On-Demand image analysis OptraASSAYS and CARDS, as well as 10 TB of complimentary storage, make it an ideal solution for new entrants to Digital Pathology, or existing users to enhance their Digital Pathology service offerings.
With this acquisition, we are accelerating our drive to support global medical institutions in their transition to digitized pathology workflows, said Russ Granzow, General Manager of Philips Digital Pathology Solutions.
The Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine (http://www.
Pathology was revolutionised in the 19th century by Rudolph Virchow, a German pathologist.
Voicebrook's VoiceOver[R] Enterprise solution is the only reporting software that was designed specifically for a Pathology environment and features a combination of both front-end speech recognition and traditional transcription workflow tools.
This lack has been due in part to the clinical heterogeneity of the disease, and also to poor understanding of its pathology at the cellular level.
Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck.
Pathology for the Health-Related Professions, 2nd ed.
Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, measured the amount of Alzheimer's disease pathology in the first 100 participants who had a brain autopsy.
For example, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCOAH) requires that speech pathology services must be provided before a facility can maintain its designation as a provider of comprehensive rehabilitation.
The Company's Digital Pathology Systems to Drive Best Practices in Laboratory Medicine Across Region Skane, Improving Workflow, Quality Assurance and Enhanced Patient Access to Pathology Services
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