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a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis

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Maingi said body parts were supposed to be returned to the body by the pathologist or authorised mortician.
Vargas said HB 8529 seeks to promote the development of a corps of competent, world-class, and globally competitive Speech Language Pathologists through the establishment of mechanisms, safeguards, and procedures for the development of the profession in the country.
The rise of the social pathologist: the importance of social media to pathology.
The benefits for pathologists are varied depending upon the application area for digital, however, overall benefits include speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
Various mechanisms have been developed in the above mentioned institutions to help and provide an umbrella to the junior pathologists for handholding in their early years.
Lishman, The Royal Pathologists He said:" The plague in Newcastle almost merits the word apocalyptic.
Pathologists assist other physicians in the ordering of correct lab tests, interpreting those tests correctly, making diagnoses, and helping to determine a treatment plan.
During the discourse Dr Saba said that although many gastrointestinal tissue biopsies and surgical specimens were accurately diagnosed without referral to a gastrointestinal pathologist yet certain digestive diseases were histologically subtle or the differential diagnosis was complicated or complex.
* PATIENT'S CLAIM The pathologists failed to diagnose her breast cancer at an early stage.
The 63-year-old failed to meet standards expected of a Home Office pathologist and acted in a way liable to bring the profession into disrepute when he changed the woman's cause of death in 2005.
As a Speech-Language Pathologist serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I feel that a new book written by Mary Lynch Barbera with Tracy Rasmussen entitled The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to teach children with autism and related disorders will be a real find for other Speech-Language Pathologists serving children with autism spectrum disorder.
A word of caution: Conditions involving neurological or cognitive impairment often require a formal evaluation of drinking, chewing, and swallowing (called a dysphagia evaluation) by a speech-language pathologist prior to dietary modifications.
Eight past studies looked at whether the sweetener causes cancer in lab animals, says veterinary pathologist James Swenberg of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Dr Richard Attanoos, a consultant pathologist at Llandough Hospital, in Penarth, said, 'This is a unique setup in this country, which uses telepathology routinely, every day.
Emerging infectious agents and the forensic pathologist: the New Mexico model.
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