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This suggests that this case deteriorated from a normal to a pathological state over time.
It would be useless to say that this vision is often deceitful, but manages nonetheless to drown those who have it into a pathological state of denial, which escalates to the point of leading them to the worst fate.
It is true that psychiatrists are a tad overenthusiastic about prescribing drugs these days, but quite often medication may be the main remedy available to get an individual out of a pathological state.
Whether he's been neurologically stunted by abuse into a pathological state, as Agnetha clinically suggests, or is truly capable of remorse, as Roode agonizingly implies late in the second act, is anyone's guess, but based on Ralph's viciously misogynist nature, it's hard to buy into the latter notion.
Stalinist regimes, (except for the pathological state of Pol Pot), have reduced human beings to 'workers' in the same way that capitalism reduces people to 'consumers'.
He was not suggesting that 'God-talk,' as it came to be short-handedly referred to, was some sort of symptom of a pathological state, but rather to the general absurdity of an attempt to talk sense about so great a mystery.
But social security institutions are required to ascertain that the waiting time does not exceed a reasonable time period according to "an objective medical assessment of the clinical needs of the person in question in view of his pathological state, his past history, the likely evolution of his illness, the extent of his pain and/or the nature of his disability at the time when authorisation is requested".
It is time for medicine to acknowledge what torturers have always known: pain is a pathological state that mocks any pretense to health.
The definitional connection of pathology and system variables makes it clear that a pathological state may occur in any variable.
Her defense lawyers argued the crime was committed accidentally under a pathological state of mind, and asked the court for a lenient judgment, saying Yamada had turned herself in and had pleaded guilty.
Teeth, Gabriele Salvatores (Italy) Marking a change of pace for the director of "Mediterraneo" and "Nirvana," pic's a surreal black comedy about love as a pathological state of altered reality centering on a man afflicted with oversized, problem-plagued incisors whose diet of painkillers causes him to confuse past with present, fantasy with reality.
Kraujiete views somnambulism as a sort of pathological state that can be both confining and liberating.
The ambition to make pathology, and consequently therapeutics, completely scientific by making them derive from a previously established physiology would make sense only if, first, the normal could be defined in a purely objective way, as a fact, and second, all the differences between the normal state and the pathological state could be expressed in quantitative terms, for only quantity can take into account both homogeneity and variation.
In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests are intended to perform examination of specimens, including blood and tissue donations, derived from the human body, solely or principally for the purpose of providing information concerning physiological or pathological state, or concerning congenital abnormality.
He was accused of being involved in a coup attempt against Erdoy-an; defining every critical approach as a coup attempt refers to a pathological state of mind that raises concerns over our political future.