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This system interacts with the immune system at the mucosal level in order to maintain a homeostasis but also to enhance defense against microbial invasion in pathological states. As a result, modifications of microbiota composition may be associated to several disorders of the nervous system, including neuropsychiatric, neurodegenerative, and neuroinflammatory disorders [8].
In addition, it is relevant for the characteristics of SWJ in movement disorders that SWJ generation appears to be similar in the healthy brain and in pathological state. Larger SWJ probably reflect internal "neural noise" in the saccadic control loops and in the superior colliculus that forms a major component for the release of saccades by triggering the saccadic pulse generator in the midbrain [25].
In vitro diagnostics provide valuable information regarding the physiological and/or pathological state of body and therefore are very essential to take well-informed medical decisions.
Our analysis showed that "social maladjustment" and "maladjustment to stressful events" were predictors of pathological trait anxiety scores, while "being unemployed" and "maladjustment to stressful events" were predictors of pathological state anxiety scores.
Best known for his influential opinions on the physical degeneracy of New World natives, De Pauw described the internal anatomy of Africans not as symptoms of climatic adaptation but as evidence of a quasi-permanent and pathological state. Curran shows how by the 1770s popular science books, including many articles of Diderot's Encyclopedie, treated Buffon's idea of "degeneration" as proof of African inferiority.
Dipsomania is a pathological state consisting of morbid, uncontrollable, periodical need to consume alcohol in large quantities every week and month.
AH: The GARF is good and useful, like the GAF (Global Assessment Scale) in that it gives you a way to describe functioning on a range from healthy to unhealthy, without defining a pathological state. When you put something in the DSM, you are saying it is a disease.
I think we'd be better served by divorcing happiness from the medical model of mental health, which views unhappiness as a pathological state.
"After six months, the state of the mice undergoing treatment was closer to that of the mice with no mutations than to their own initial pathological state. From this we can say that the disease has significantly regressed," Sanfeliu said.
This suggests that this case deteriorated from a normal to a pathological state over time.
It would be useless to say that this vision is often deceitful, but manages nonetheless to drown those who have it into a pathological state of denial, which escalates to the point of leading them to the worst fate.
It is true that psychiatrists are a tad overenthusiastic about prescribing drugs these days, but quite often medication may be the main remedy available to get an individual out of a pathological state.
* Concerning a physiological or pathological state, or
Whether he's been neurologically stunted by abuse into a pathological state, as Agnetha clinically suggests, or is truly capable of remorse, as Roode agonizingly implies late in the second act, is anyone's guess, but based on Ralph's viciously misogynist nature, it's hard to buy into the latter notion.
Stalinist regimes, (except for the pathological state of Pol Pot), have reduced human beings to 'workers' in the same way that capitalism reduces people to 'consumers'.