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an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease

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Therefore, the size of the ABG before otosurgery often does not reflect the actual stage of development of the pathological process and cannot be used as the only basis for prognostication of postoperative hearing improvement [10-12].
The normal root canal anatomy may be altered by pathological processes making the task very difficult and at times impossible to achieve by normal methods of obturation.
Feto-fetal transfusion syndrome is a pathological process unique to diamniotic monochorionic pregnancies.
Apart from physiological resorption in milk teeth there is also a pathological process observed both in primary and permanent dentition [1].
Table 1: Red flags for neck pain (adapted from Non- specific neck pain and evidence-based practice (8)) Red flag Possible pathological process Significant trauma (e.g.
Thus, all the examined men living in areas of Kyzylorda region have the deviations from the WHO guidelines on physiological characteristics of sperm, which explains the negative impact of toxicants on the processes of spermatogenesis and leads to the development of the pathological process. Our findings are supported by the literature data [7].
Moreover, neocortical structures, the cerebellum, and the midbrain may become affected by the pathological process. A broad spectrum of eye movement alterations may result, comprising smooth pursuit disturbance (e.g., interrupting saccades), saccadic dysfunction (e.g., hypometric saccades), and abnormal attempted fixation (e.g., pathological nystagmus and square wave jerks).
The progression of renal fibrosis has been thought as a major pathological process leading to the progressive loss of renal function in CKDs [1-3].
Since the latter seemed like the more likely explanation, Nash and colleagues tested a similar regimen in patients with relapsing-remitting MS, in which autoimmunity is widely believed to be the chief pathological process.
Jagust adds that rather than simply offering resistance to the progression of Alzheimer's, mentally challenging activities may actually affect the pathological process of the disease itself.
In 1709, French physician Michel Brisseau demonstrated that glaucoma had a different pathological process from another eye disease - cataracts (a disease resulting in an opaque lens with which it was often confused).
Neuropathic pain, long considered a pathological process initiated in the days-to-weckb following injury, may also require the presence of strong inflammatory signals to maintain for sustained severity.
Eventually, Traynor says, scientists may be able to develop drugs that could transform this pathological process into a healthy one in ALS patients, saving motor neurons that otherwise would have died.
Several tissue factors can be released from pathological process of necrosis, and further contribute to disturbance of circulation, significant edema, or disseminated intravascular coagulation.
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